10 years GLAMOUR TO KILL "musik pour the ratas"

Glamour To Kill "musik pour the ratas" record release party at Sage Club in Berlin
on the August 14, 2003, 
Antonio Culebras, Juan Tormento and Luis Miguélez released their first CD album full of anxious-electronic beats, noisy keyboards, obsessiv guitars & sexy vocals.
At that night they appeared on stage with their bodies customized with magazines papers as they do on their photograph for the cover of the album.
Since then they have been making concerts all around the world, from Berlin to Moscow, London, NYC, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc...
Now we are celebrating 10 years of Glamour To Kill "musik pour the ratas" with a very special gifts to the fans.
100 Free Downloads of unreleased demo recordings from 2001, a very precious material considered as "sonic gold".
Here comes the first song "Overdose"


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